Gaby Saad



I used the material parameter values of page 165 of the book of Potts and Zdravkovic, to simulate what is shown in Fig. 1 (below) for validation purposes:

-          κ=0.025

-          v=0.25 

-          ah0=200/2=100kPa

-          e0=v1=2.67-1=1.67

-          λ_f=0.181

-          Mc=0.797

-          Initial stress state -200.1kPa, -200.1kPa, -200.1kPa 


-          Ks=0.78

using prescribed nodal displacements:


and the resulting deviatoric vs axial strain graph turned out the same:

I tried simulating cam clay with a simple 4 element test model to see if the solution will converge (having only solid185 element) with instate command and it did not work, the error still appears:

 The material solution failed for element “x” with material “x”

(NOTE: the inistate command applied to my model is:

inis,defi,all,,,,LINY,0,-17651.97,0,-17651.97,0,-17651.97,0,0,0,0,0,0                                                                                                                                                                                                                       The soil density is 1800 kg/m3 and the gravity is applied in step 1 at time 0 and 1s is 9.80665 m2/s)

 Any suggestions on why this error is appearing? Your help is appreciated.