Guilin Sun
Ansys Employee

If you have sufficent licenses, you can set resources if you run the python in GUI, and send all the files through Slurm scheduler. At this point it is up to the Slurm scheduler that assigns the simulation files for concurrent simulation. Please refer to


You can also fully utilize Lumerical's features:
1: if you can set the geometry properly in a structure group, or in "model", with an identifier that selects a specific configuration, or the geometry is simply changing its dimension/location with variables  (parameterized), you can use the sweep utility in "optimization and sweeps", and use Python to run the sweep.


runsweep - Script command


2: You can also use Lumerical script



addjob - Script command

runjobs - Script command

listjobs - Script command

then you can use Python to run them.

The key is to have the jobs in the queque for concurent simulation

with proper licenses.


The sweep utility has the capability to create all the simulation files, and send them to be simulated concurrently depedning on the resource configuration ("capacity"):