Nicolas Le Barbier


Thank you for your response and advice.

Regarding the mesh quality, here are some details:

  • Background mesh: 2.5 million nodes / 14 million elements / Skewness: maximum 0.83, average 0.23 / Orthogonal quality: maximum 0.997, average 0.77
  • Component mesh: 1 million nodes / 2 million elements / Skewness: maximum 0.58, average 0.17 / Orthogonal quality: maximum 0.999, average 0.83

Based on the trends of the residue curves, it doesn't appear that stability and convergence of the calculation are the source of the issue. 

Below, please find an enlarged section of the velocity field's opening area and the overset mesh (a deliberate preliminary opening was created) for your reference. A portion of the component mesh can be seen extending beyond the domain (inactive cells). The force balance indicates a positive axial component that should ideally lead to the valve opening.

The simulation notes "3256 overset orphan cells in interface over." Could the presence of orphan cells potentially hinder the displacement?

Furthermore, I'd like to remind you that the lateral guiding zones of the valve are modeled with gap filling. Could this potentially hinder movement?

I thank you in advance for your assistance and remain at your disposal for any additional information you may require.

Best regards,