Ansys Employee

Hi Sylvie,

Thank you for reaching out to the Ansys learning forum.

Thanks for the elaborate description, but it is confusing. 

Please provide the following details to help us serve you better -

  1. Is the top surface of your metasurface is facing the -ve Z axis from where the plane is incident?
  2. May I know why you are using incident wave excitation? It is not possible to plot S-parameters if you use incident wave excitation.
  3. May I know why you are trying to plot the radiation pattern of the E-field for this metasurface?

Kindly share the screenshots of boundaries, excitations and any other simulation setup in your model that could help to resolve your issue.

If you are new to simulating the metasurface simulation then I would suggest you to go through the split ring resonator example model available under the "open examples" option (Examples>HFSS>Metamaterial).

Best regards,