Ansys Employee

I think the problem with your Pull and patch Fill operations is that you are doing both gears at the same time, Since they touch it is trying to make one face or one body, which would be non-manifold. Do each gear separately for both the patch fill and Pull. For the Pull make sure to toggle on "No merge" in the options. This means you may need to carefully select curves where the gears touch so that you are only getting curves that belong to one side. For each Fill or Pull you want to select only one closed loop of curves at a time in this case.

I can see that it is composed of a lot of tiny curve segments. You could try "Repair > Simplify" to see if it automatically makes good approximations. Or you could go into sketch mode and draw splines over the curves by clicking locations over the curves. The more locations you select, the more closely the spline will match. You only need to make one periodic portion (crest and through of a tooth). Then copt all around and delete the original DXF/DWG curves. Don't make just one spline to fit the entire crest and trough. Make a new spline for each great change in curvature. So the locations that look like sharper corners, but are really small fillets should be new splines.

For DXF/DWG import, it comes from AutoCAD. So you need to select AutoCAD in the first tab of the CAD Configuration Manager, choose the direct reader or associative interface (AutoCAD installed)  and go to the last tab and press "Configure Selected CAD Products." Afterward, you can press "Display Configuration Log File" to see if there were problems. It needs to be run with an account that has administrative permissions as well as right click to "Run as Administrator."

As far as meshing, you may need to set smaller element sizes, but most likely there are still some errors with the geometry. Try right clicking on the bodies in SpaceClaim and choosing "Check Geometry."