Create a solid beam, split it up with Planes and use the Share button to connect the mesh between the bodies.

Create five Coordinate Systems rotated to the correct and angle name them 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. You could click the face to define the origin instead of typing global coordinates, though the origin is not important, only the directions. It is more for visual checking that the correct coordinate system is assigned to the correct body.

Create five Element Orientation items and assign the correct body and coordinate system to each one. 

Insert an Element Triad into the Solution to see that the coordinate system was used. I meshed this with 1 element per body, but you can have more elements in each body if you want.


I tried this with surfaces instead of solids.

A warning is issued: 

Element orientation only works In-Plane for shell elements. As you can see, the Element Orientation was ignored.