Nick Makaroglou

Hello! I didn't find out how to do the patch fill separately, since for everything I drag the selection and it grey's everything out. I tried that with the teeth that weren't close to the other one and then tried with control+ right click to grey the rest but that didn't work out. I still got the faces error. If I do the "Extend Fill" it works, also I did the pulls separately and also increased the clearance between the 2 gears from 0.05 to 0.5 mm and that worked. For the 0.05 clearance the errors still remain, so that clearance is problematic with the extend patch, since I do both they get connected. I do delete the connection that's created but still on workbench the mesh can't be created. For the 0.5 I can create the mesh no problem. My new problem is that, as you can see the mesh is way too detailed and since I have the student version the program can't solve.

So is there any way to decrease the mesh? I tried putting a bigger element size, like 50 and 500 but the teeth were again the same. If not, then I can try and do a cross section (in SpaceClaim?) and just keep 3 teeth from each gear. Will that change the solution? I do the "Repair > Simplify", I don't see any differences. I understand about the splines but since it works I don't think that will be necessary, plus if I am going to go with that route I should just make them new. Thank you very much for the suggestion! I tried changing the settings of the "CAD Configuration Manager" to direct reader for AutoCAD, since I don't have it installed. Everything said success on "Configure Selected CAD Products" tab but when I closed the manager and reopened it it was back to associative interface. I am admin and I had opened it with run as admin, maybe because it's the student version I can't change it? Lastly, I did choose "Check Geometry" but it showed no errors there.