Please reread my original message.  I am already using the Customer Portal site for documentation at 'https://download.ansys.com/Product Documentation'

On that page, I can select different Ansys releases.  If I select the current 2023 R2 release, the section at the botton under "PDF Packages" only shows Granta M1 Enterprise

But, if I select older releases like 2023 R1, then under "PDF Packages", it shows links to "Release" and "Product" under Ansys.  Those are the files I want for the 2023 R2 release.

I see messages on the web site like "For the most complete Help experience, please access the Ansys Help website  ansyshelp.ansys.com"  But, that site is so slow that is unusable.  That is why having all the documentation as a PDF archive is useful.