Thanks for the answer.

I looked at the turbomachine tutorial. But it doesn't suit me.

>>I recommend you to calculate the angular velocity

I cannot do this, my task is to determine it by the pressure of the water, which accelerates this wheel.


I made a few dozen more attempts as well as a new model. I'll tell you, look below, maybe you will see where the mistake is. Please.


Earlier I showed how I made faces for rotors and stator in mesher and I thought it would work. In fluent, I tried to include these stators and rotors in the passive, but did not find them there. Creating a rotor on the border of water grids is unacceptable and the fluent does not see them:

Only the rotor and one face stator turned out to be working, because. its borders do not touch anything.

Then I chose surfaces that would be stators, it turned out like this:

and started the calculation. What got the error: Negative volume

I tried for a long time and turned on and off different stators and rotors, making them passive and active, but this did not lead to anything, only to the error "Negative volume". After the "Negative volume" error, I also looked into the dynamic grid section and rendered the view, this is what happened there:

Did this happen when I left only the rotor and blades (blank active, rotor passive), did the blades slide off the rotor? I didn't understand it.


I suffered for a long time and made a new model, by analogy with other CAE packages:

I did not separate the water grid as before (there used to be parts of the water and in the middle there was a part that contained a wheel with blades (see the top of the post there were pictures) I set this part to be rotating. I made a cut in the extracted volume for the wheel.

For all the walls around the wheel, I set the stator and rotor:

I also made the faces for the shoulder blades as before.

I made a good grid, for 800k elements, max skewness = 0.8.

Further in the fluent I also chose passive and active elements, active blades, passive rotor and stator. For the rotor and stator in 6YUDF, I did not set the mass, I think this is not critical, for the blades I approximately indicated 1 kg:

But this calculation did not pass either, error "Negative volume".

I'm at a dead end, please tell me how to do it?