Nicholas Irvin


Hi Bernd, 

The optimization is within Ansys Lumerical.



Hi Guilin,

Thank you for your detailed responses! What do you mean by “Make sure those 7 paramerers are not conflict in some sub-spaces”?

Is changing the tolerance from 0.0005 to 1e-6 likely to make a difference in finding the optimum?

You recommended changing the generation size from 30 to 20 and changing the maximum generations from 100 to 150. As it reached the found optimum in seven generations, and it will go 10%-of-the-maximum-generations more, your suggested changes will only change the number of simulated generations from 16 to 21. Is that enough for a 7-parameter optimization? 

Should we continue this thread in this forum, or do you need me to repost in the Lumerical forum?