Ansys Employee

Take a step back from all of the non dimensional numbers. Break the model into parts on paper, leave the solver alone for now. 

You have a moving porous zone, and a particle diameter. Are the spheres packed? If so, check the manual for the equation to give the resistance coefficients. 

Motion can be done in different ways. How is the lid moving in reality? If you look at the options in Fluent, what best suits this? 

What other boundary or physics effects do you need to consider? Do you have turbulence, heat transfer, reactions or the like? 

Put that all down on paper, and add in the models you're going to use in Fluent. You may need to talk to your supervisor to agree on some of the assumptions. Finally, return to the Ansys software, correct anything that's wrong and alter settings to suit. 

There isn't anything extra on porous media as the manual is generally sufficient: it's evolved over the last 20+ years as porous media is one of the older models. The only extra content may be in the Knowledge System on here (box at the top to the left of Search) but that's probably only the experimental data section of the manual converted into a spreadsheet.