jose monteiro

As i said im simulating a transient tank being filled with hydrogen and im using mass flow inlet so my temp inlet is total temperature. I read somewhere that for incompressible or slow moving gás total = static temperature. When i do contourns and a report in the inlet i see that right after simulation starts my static temperature throughout my inlet gás tube reduces below what i put for total temperature and during the filling with the decrease in Mach (0.6 beginig to 0.1 in the end) my static temperature slowly converges to the value i put in total temperature in the inlet. I also test another two mass flow rates at inlet and withe the decrease in mass flow rate, so small mach numbers at beginning, the static temperature that falls is not so low and it converges faster to the inlet total temp.

1- my question is if there is a way of put static values on the inlet instead of total for temperature since i believe most temeprature sensors are static temperature and i want to use a UDF for inlet temp.

2- Do ansys do anything diferent when solving the equations or in the values i input when the mach goes below 0.3 during my simulation.

3- what happen if i choose a pressure inlet and have the profile for my UDF of a absolute pressure. Is it wrong to input that?