Naji Al-Abed

Hello, I tried following the video but I am still not getting reasonable graphs. May someone please have a look and advise me on what to do? 

I am currently working on a galloping energy harvester simulation in Ansys Workbench and I've encountered a challenge regarding the creation of a suitable harmonic frequency response curve. I have already obtained the natural frequencies and mode shapes of the system, but I'm unsure about the correct approach to generate an accurate harmonic frequency response curve. I have tried harmonic resposne plotting in the range of natural frequencies, where I measured the deformation at different drag forces where the drag forces are calculated in a speed range of 0-8m/s, but thing is when the drag force changes so does the frequency

I have attempted to apply drag forces both on the rectangular body and the clamped beam, but I'm struggling to grasp the relationship between the drag force, frequency changes, and the harmonic response.