David Weed
Ansys Employee


The supported IFORT compiler and MS VS versions for 22R1 for Windows:

Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2019 Version 16.0.22 (including the MS C++ compiler), Intel C++ and Intel Visual FORTRAN 2019 Update 5 (2019.5.281)

For Linux:

Intel 2019.3 Parallel Studio XE (FORTRAN, C, C++) and GCC 8.2.0 (for user programmable features)

We currently don’t support OneAPI and it could produce unexpected results. I know that there were some changes made to the Intel site and it can be difficult to find older versions, but if you have an Intel subscription, you can consider reaching out to their support team.

Regarding the ensget function, this will only work post solution. You may want to try NDSPGT which is valid during the solution. Also, note that NDSPGT may require the common block ansysdef.inc. If you’re on the Windows platform, then you’ll need to use the custom executable method in order to pull information from the common blocks. Using the /UPF method will require the invocation of additional data sharing routines. It’s easier to use a custom exe instead. On the Linux platform, data sharing from the common blocks isn’t an issue, so you may use the /UPF or shared library method with no issue when using NDSPGT.

I’d have to check into BLAS/AnsBLAS libraries to see if they can be used.