Suruchi bala

Hi Amrita,

Thank you for your reply. You are a great help!

  • Yes, this is related to nonlinear simulations. In example  - Four wave mixing with Kerr nonlinear material – Ansys Optics, the amplitude is 1e+09 and in example - Four wave mixing (varFDTD) – Ansys Optics, the amplitude is 1, could you please help me understand, the reason behind the difference in these amplitudes, because on changing the amplitude from 1 to 1e+09, there is no output spectrum obtained; that means the amplitude has to be 1 to get FWM spectrum. Similarly for the other example the amplitude has to be 1e+09 to get the spectrum.
  • In example,  Four wave mixing (varFDTD) – Ansys Optics, the chi3 value used is 0.01 for silicon, but the chi3 value for silicon is in the range from 2 to 3 e-19m2/V2, then what is the significance of 0.01? If its just for the demonstration purpose, then it makes no sense to categorize the example as nonlinear example just by putting some random numbers, isn't it?
  • ring_resonator_FWM.lsf, this script gives intensity in dB, is it possible for you to help me in modifying it to dBm or watts?