Sahil Sura
Ansys Employee

Hello M Usman,
As seen from the description you've mentioned, there are different models compared for the same analysis for the boundary conditions, one actual manufactured and simplified CAD.
Would you please ensure, the mesh is constant for critical parts (or parts of interest) in both analyses? Also, have you attained any mesh-independent solution for any of the analyses, as that might be a critical concern to ensure? As it may help understand stress singularities.
When we perform any analysis of an actual geometry, we tend to simplify the geometry first ensuring the physical intent is unharmed. i.e. a rib added for the stiffness in an actual geometry cannot be removed to simplify the geometry in CAD.
So would you please help me with what changes have you performed in the geometries? So it will be easy for us to properly assist you.
Please check if the following video serves your purpose in identifying which details to include- 
Identifying Geometry and Details to Include in a Simulation - Lesson 1 - ANSYS Innovation Courses 


Hope this helps!



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