Ansys Employee

You have specified to remesh with a mesh quality metric allowing a maximum element angle of 90 degrees. The remesh resulted in a worst element angle of 158.4374 degrees which is not an improvement over the worst angle of 90.0778 before the remesh, so it rejected the remesh, and used the mesh before this.

The strategy is to remesh early and often, before the body gets too deformed, or else it may not remesh with an acceptable quality. So you may need to increase the rate at which is checks so that it checks earlier. Allowing a max angle of 90 seems a bit stringent considering the default to check is 155 degrees for volume elements. But if you increase the metric it's going to mesh later in the process. Maybe you need to view how distorted the mesh is right at that substep where it starts to remesh.

You need a body with enough bulk volume to use nonlinear adaptive region.  Thin bodies may not allow enough room to refine mesh especially if connected to another body in a multibody part (mesh connected).