Question :The noninear adaptive region can be tricky to use and will make convergence problematic if not understood and applied well. Try it without the adaptive region first. You may get some converged substeps and you can view the model behavior at a time far before your end time. You can make sute the model is behaving properly for a time before the deformation gets too large, causing high element distortion error and requiring a remesh.

Answer: I agree on this, but when i was not using Adaptive grid refinement,it ever gave Identify Element Violation every time i ran mesh for more and more finer mesh, thus i got tired and switched to Adaptive grid refinement.


Offcourse my door geometry is taken from online free CAD models avaialble on internet, and thats why i think i should had bit simplified the more before running it for simulation, but now as skiped that part and directly jumped to do simulation, i dont know how to move forward, i cannot ever refine mesh below 1 mm, it will tan run for several days, as i have only 4 core license. Tell me what to do?Also let me know,whether my time step is correct or should go with other values?