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I'm not allowed to follow links as it's one of the rules imposed on staff to keep us on the right side of the Export Law criterion. We may make an exception for Reseachgate, but that's at our discretion and very topic dependent. 

Do you have to do CFD? Just wondering if modelling a stuck piston to see if the temperature was sufficient to burst the cylinder would be a good project? That would be Mechanical, with fluid elements to see how much pressure could be generated given the heat source. Really not my field - I relearnt my structural mechanics over a couple of beers with a biro lid being the example piece: business travel isn't very exciting!

I'm not sure on the motion, check the incylinder examples as I think you can use profiles now: I did a little bit of moving mesh when it was originally brought into the unstructured version of Fluent but it's changed a bit in the last 20 years....