Marzi Rjb

Hi there, 
hope this email finds you well. I’m going to help an student who has a question about Ansys aqwa but doesn’t have a free internet to search the problem. It would be great appreciate if you can help him. Thank you! Here is his question; 

‎‏”I am modelling a FPSO in Ansys Aqwa and i need to simulate some roll stabilizers
‎‏i have done this for Bilge Keel 
‎‏and now i need to simulate U-Tube tank and Gyro Stabilizer. 
‎‏because im running out if time, can you help me with modelling the u-tube?
‎‏- should i draw it first and then connect it or no? because i have done this and i prefaced some error
‎‏- how should i model the Gyro?

‎‏and if i have an external turret that is non-diffracting
‎‏should i put the solid mass or wet surface mass?”