Oleg Makarov

Thank you for your answer!

However in one of my previous questions (see https://forum.ansys.com/forums/topic/spg-method-with-umat/) developer noted that "SPG can use effective plastic strain, first principle stress, maximum shear strain or GISSMO damage value as bond failure criterion" and "SPG with UMAT has not been fully tested". Therefore will "failel" will work well for SPG like in FEM?

GISSMO worked very well when I tried to use it with SPG and MAT_PICEWISE_LINEAR_PLASTICITY. I set DTYPE = 0, LCSDG curve with very small failure plastic strains, and failure looked great. But now I want to use my own failure criterion without using plastic strains but history variable. When I set DTYPE = 20 and LCSDG curve = {-1, 1 ; 1, 1} (to define critical history variable values) failure looks strange. I simulate uniaxial compression of the cylindrical specimen and at some moment my specimen fails when hsv = 0.91 and D = 0.7 (on the next time step D rapidly increases to 3.994). I don't know where is the problem. Please see the pictures below. There are screenshots of hsv(2) and hsv(30) in timesteps just before and after the fracture occurred. Hsv(2) is driving history variable for fracture in GISSMO and hsv(30) is the damage value (ND history variable in GISSMO). hsv(2) is equal to hsv(34) (ND+4 in GISSMO) therefore everything should work well but it is not.

P.S.: I compiled LS-Dyna on Ubuntu, not Windows.