fares abbara

Thank you for you reply Rob.

Regarding my previous post, I apologise for my lack of knowledge in the way posts are managed and not being more patient, as I have struggled with this issue for quiet a while now, which has drastically crippled my research, and never really got to a clear solution or explanation. I am learning along the way. 

Going back to my model, if the flow pulse is at 2Hz wouldn't that make the period 0.5s?

 With a fixed mesh the pressure field appears to be banded along the length of the tube. The bands are very close is their pressure readings. This is something that was confusing to me as i ran the simulation for only 0.1 seconds and was expecting to be so pressure variation along the length of the tube. 

Finally, would you kindly direct me to the video you are referring to? do i get it using the help tab on workbench?

Thank you again and i extend my most sincere appologies.