Ansys Employee

Oops, I read too many posts and picked up the 0.1 and Hz whilst missing the bit in the middle. At 2Hz (0.5s cycle) you will want 20+ time steps per cycle as you need to resolve the change in flow/pulse/whatever: if the speed/cell size needs a smaller step size that's your limit. For high quality results 100 steps isn't unreasonable, and you will also need some cycles to flush the initial solution out of the domain if you're after a "equilibrium" cycle. 

If you're seeing banded pressure on the fixed mesh do some further investigation to see why. It may be the fluid viscosity, but could be you're seeing something else. If you post images someone may be able to give you some pointers. 

The videos are in the Fluent Help system, so, yes, click on Help on the main screen. Help on the panels will take you to specific pages, which can also get you to the top level. 

No worries. The trick with support is to have a proper think and then ask a question just before becoming frustrated. Questions aren't "daft" if you've had a think and looked in Help/searched on here; and doing that also avoids too frequent asking without wasting your time being stuck. Staff only know what we know because we've been doing this a while, and have a collective experience that's measureable in decades/centuries.