Akshay Panchwagh

Hello mjmiddle,


you're right about the first part. After going through my code, I realised that the code is reading the history direcly from Mechanical, and for that it will always need Mechanical to be open and running. 


Coming to the suggestions you provided, I did try applying it. But I am unable to produce useful results from it.

If I use it with rset, i.e. the ResultSetCount, it gives an error: 'PythonCodeEventBased' object has no attribute 'By'. I believe this error arises when I use the line 'item.By'. 

And when I use it with rtime, i.e. the ListTimeFreq, it gives an error saying: 'Expected Quantity, received float'. The line item.DisplayTime = rtime throws this error. 


I tried finding some documentation about it but had no success.


I have been able to extract the time step counts, or the actual time steps. But I am unable to connect them somehow with the intermediary result values. Even if I put it in a loop, and try to append the values to a list just to see what is happening, only the temperature values for the last time step are getting saved into the list. 


I am unable to follow where exactly it is going wrong with these suggesstions you provided. Can you please elaborate a bit more, if you don't mind?