Łukasz Ruba

Thank you very much. I have tried that but I came across a few problems. I declare all local coordinate systems with the same orientatnion as in my other project without partition. Which means that all coordinate systems are without rotation - the same like global coordinate system. I did it to compare reasults between them.

Firstly, using this method I can't use linear mesh:

It only works when I use program controlled mesh generator and it looks like that:

For me it's quite important to have linear mesh because I'm generating the load in Matlab by coordinates on a strip. I set 'Protected' to 'Yes' but it doesn't work too. Is there something which can I do to use linear elements order?

Temperature results are similar in each case:

(Model without partition)

(Model with partition)

But I have a problem with deformation results:

(Model without partition)

(Model with partition)

Why both don't work approximately the same? Is it because of different meshes?


Thanks in advance,