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Here's a breakdown of the information 

  1. Material Properties: You used non-linear material with creep properties. This indicates that the material behavior in your analysis is non-linear, and it accounts for creep, which is the gradual deformation of a material under a constant load over time.

  2. Large Deflection: The "large deflection" option is ON in your analysis. 

  3. I have tried switching from frictionless to frictional contact. results with greater value of stress.
  4. Load Application: I have applied displacement in five time steps with specific values:

    • Step 1: Displacement = 0.4
    • Step 2: Displacement = 0.8
    • Step 3: Displacement = 1.3
    • Step 4: Displacement = 1.8
    • Step 5: Displacement = 2.3


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