Imtiaz Gandikota
Ansys Employee

For MPP runs, ls-dyna will generate binout files based on the processor that is being used to output the data. For example, if "nodout" is desired, only processors having some data to go out to the nodout file will participate in its output, and the lowest numbered processor (say for example, 8) will then write that output to a binout file with its number (in this case, binout0008).

If there is lot of data to output, any binoutXXXX file will then generate a "family" of files named binoutXXXX%001, binoutXXXX%002 and so on (each about 1GB in size). See b

Are you able to read the binout file in LS-PrePost? You can also download "l2a" binary, provided with mpp executables, to dump data from binout files to ASCII files. You can also download LSDA package from our ftp site to build a custom l2a binary.