Lito Yap
Ansys Employee


Please try the following: 

  1. Close all running Lumerical applications including the Ansys Optics Launcher. 
  2. Remove the Lumerical preference.ini files from your computer, including the License.ini file. 
        > Ansys Lumerical product preference files – Ansys Optics 
  3. Open the Optics Launcher. 
  4. When prompted, select, "I have a license from Ansys", then "I want to configure my license only for Lumerical products", then "Go to licensing setup"
  5. Re-type/Re-Enter localhost, then Apply and Restart the Launcher when prompted. 
  6. Open FDTD from the launcher or directly from terminal
        /opt/lumerical/v232/fdtd-solutions &