Kirtan Sahu

 Thank you Mr. Maniyar for your kind response. 

I have already watched this Innovation courses and implemented the all possibilty they have mentioned. I doubt that the material properties I am taking for Guide rings (Seals) i.e. a polyamide materail (Polymer). Which has 2.5 Gpa of modulus of elasticty and poissions ratio of 0.39 with yield strength of 60 Mpa and Bilinear istropic hardening is taken with 0 tangent modulus (Elastic perfect plastic behaviour).

Can I use the guide ring as hyperelastic material to use the Mooney-Rivilin or Neo-Hookean paramters? (Is it correct to use polyamide as a hyperelastic material because its yeild strength and compressive strength is too high in comparision to hyperelastic material)

I have also tried to get best meshing quality, eventhough i am not getting the converged solution.

Please suggest me If i am missing anything else.