Guilin Sun
Ansys Employee

My colleague is in vacation, so I just give you some simple suggestions.

It is better to use Lumerical's built-in Python which does not need you to specially set anything. Please uninstal your Python, reinstall Lumerical software.

In case you strongly prefer to use Jupyter Notebook, then you will need to set its path for Lumerical software to recgonize. Please refer to the website for more information, for example:

Please try:

  • Confirm the location of lumopt package. This is typically in FDTD installation folder:
  • Add the lumopt package path to your project so the inverse design can import all required modules. As an example, this can be done with sys package:
import sys
sys.path.insert(0, "C:\Program Files\Lumerical\2019b\api\python")

Please make sure the Python version is  64bit. In addition, check if you have Python API license.

Try to open FDTD GUI with Python first before running the simulation.