Jason Franzman

Thank you Federico for your response.  I was looking into doing this in spaceclaim but I dont see the ansys transfer button that you are talking about.  I am using the professional version of ansys version 2020 R2.  I was looking in PMDB and the only tutorials I saw required the program to be run not just for exporting geometry.  If that is actually the case I can't run it in the windows environment. 

Is there any further information you can give me? 

The way I originally was doing it, is I would i generate the solid body in spaceclaim and then transferring it as a .STP or .IGS  to design modeler.  Finally rendering it which gives the geometry a green check and opening the mesh in cfx which it errors.  The error is:


Update failed for the Mesh component in fluid flow (CFX).  Unable to attach to geometry file (specific file location. agdb).  Unable to get prototype group.


Thanks for all the help.