Caleb Wood

This is just a proof of concept model, the run time will likely not stay at 15 seconds, and it is my understanding that ALE is better suited for FSI problems considering high dynamic loadings than ICFD, however I could be incorrect. My end goal is to simulate part of a real world wharf against high-impact wave loadings. 

As for the volume filling, it seems very dependent on the mesh resolution. Since I am using an H-pile, my ALE elements need to be very fine in order for the area which the H-pile occupys to be filled with a void material, to the point where the model run time approaches 1000+ hours. Are you aware of any other methods to fill the area with a void material which arent as dependent on the mesh density? Also if not, do you think ICFD would be better for this application even though I need to consider high dynamic wave impact loadings (think of wave loads resulting from hurricane winds)?

Thank you.