I have tested many options and read many scientific papers. I need your help.

My goal is to analyze the state of the deformable nozzle. I need to carry out the calculation so that the calculation time is not 1000 hours and at the same time I can tell how the nozzle heated up and how it deformed and how long it will last.

Previously, I changed the density and calculation time to reduce the time, as well as reduce the size of the FFS particles. The only option that led to a normal solution time (12 hours of PC solution) is the calculation time of 0.01 sec, the density is multiplied by 1000, and all units are in the SI system. But the stresses at the same time on concrete are 24k MPa and on the nozzle 10k MPa, this is too much.

Tell me how to make it so that the calculation time does not take more than two days, while I could assess the condition of the nozzle? How can I make the part to be drilled infinite for calculation so that I can mentally drill 1000 meters? I can connect the Weller curve if needed for the nozzle material.

I need a sequence of actions. Calculation time, how long is it enough to turn the drill with a nozzle to assess its condition?

In some works, they make a turn of several degrees and at the same time they can give an assessment of the condition of the nozzles. How can I do that? Explain to me please in detail and concisely? I think a lot of people are looking for this answer. It will be very helpful.