Tianyuan Wang



Dear Mike:

I recently conduct the simulation in AQWA-Workbench as you suggested. The external lid established in DM has a inner radius of 6.5 and a outer radius of 7.25. The actual gap between inner and outer bodies is 6.25-7.5, thus the Gap for External Lid is set to 1.25 m

The added mass and radiation damping coefficients of single platform and multi-body cases are shown below, with different Lid Dmaping Factors of 0.5 and 1 of external lid. The hydrodynamic coefficients are in the main diagonal (i,i), i = 1:24.

I’m wondering if the subsidiary objects affect the hydrodynamic coefficient of the main body (platform)? From the above figures, the subsidiary objects indeed change the hydrodynamic coefficients of the platform. Is it related to the reflected wave?

In addtion, It is difficult to determind the Lid Dmaping Factor. The Lid Dmaping Factor of 0.5 even induces the negative added mass cofficients in the surge and sway directions, while the Lid Dmaping Factor of 1 does not seem to be desirable either! 

Do you have any insights into this issue?

Looking forwards to hearing from you

Best regards,