Marina Galvagni


If nothing happens on the server side, there are 2 possibilities:

  • the connection isn't happening. It could be an issue with passwordless connection, machine/user name, firewalls or needing to reverse the SSH tunnel. There's no easy way for me to debug this without access to the machine
  • the connection is made, but the executables on the linux machine aren't found. If you ssh into the machine, you should be able to start 'ensight' (which might now work as you have no graphical server, but that's not the point) without having to set any executable path. If this isn't the case, then this needs to be fixed.

The alternative is to manually do the connection. On the windows machine, type:

ensight_client.bat -cm

This will bring up the EnSight interface, waiting for the server connection. Now on a second shell, ssh into the linux machine, and on that type:

ensight_server -c

Assuming there is nothing stopping the connection and you have the exact same version installed on both machines, this should bring up on Windows EnSight, with its backend running on the linux machine.