Paul Stephen

In the "Describe geometry" task, I noticed that there is an option that asks, "Will you cap openings and extract fluid regions?" This option has two choices: "Yes" and "No."

  1. When "No" is Selected:
    If I choose "No" for this option, I have observed that the number of fluid regions is automatically adjusted to two. However, I expected to have only one fluid region. This adjustment has left me somewhat puzzled as I am not sure why it is creating two fluid regions when I explicitly select "No" for capping openings.

  2. When "Yes" is Selected:
    On the other hand, when I select "Yes," an option to create a cap for the fluid region is presented. While this is a valuable feature, I must admit that I am unsure about the specific circumstances in which creating a cap for the fluid region is necessary, and where in the geometry this cap region should be created.