Jim Day
Ansys Employee
The fact that MPP has trouble, and SMP does not, indicates you should consider a tweak to the contact definition and/or the way the model is decomposed for MPP. Well, let me add one more thing ... a reduction in time step scale factor (TSSFAC in *CONTROL_TIMESTEP) together with use of a double precision executable may, in themselves, resolve the instability. Decomposition: Results of MPP can vary (slightly) depending on how the model is decomposed (how it's split among the processors). Use *CONTROL_MPP_DECOMPOSITION_SHOW to view the decomposition of the model. Does one of the decomposition boundaries coincide with the problematic area? There are variable *CONTROL_MPP_DECOMPOSITION_option commands to alter the decomposition. Contact: Provide an image of your *CONTACT input for the contact in question and provide a narrative of what's on the SURFA and SURFB sides of that contact. In that narrative, specify what element formulations are employed.