Hello Erik, thanks for the info. I was able to extract the apdl .dat file. 

Now i want to execute it in batch mode in a linux machine:

ansys222 -i dava_linux.dat -o solve.out -b -np 16 -mpi openmpi

however i am getting the following error:

 *** ERROR ***                           CP =     491.630   TIME= 15:16:26
 An error, no CGNS error reported, occurred while attempting to check    
 the CGNS file \home\sim\ehsan\dava\walls.cgns, since the file is not a  
 CGNS file.      


the cgns files are located in the directory correctly. running the same file in mechanical application mode i dont get any error and the cgns files are read correctly.                                                      


problem solved!

in the dat file i had to give it the relative path rather than absolute path