Ansys Employee

Hi Bharath,

Thank you for reaching out to the Ansys learning forum. 

Please go through my suggestions in line with your questions:

  1. This gap might be because of the optimistic rendering of curved objects. Please change the settings in the curved object visualization (View menu > Render >) and check the same.
  2. Point 2 will not be valid if the issue is because of the rendering. Did the error message mention the two objects (wrapped sheet and elliptic body) are intersecting? Please check once. Also, you can delete the elliptical object if it is created only for wrapping purposes. 
  3. Designing vias in the wrapped bodies might be tricky, but the results should not change whether they were united or not. If you are using terminal option in the solution type, you can check the nets associated with these objects for confirmation (Right click on excitations > show nets) in both cases.

Best regards,