Mangesh Bhide
Ansys Employee


first of all, MPI needs Active Directory authentication, hope that is available. If AD is not available, then please stop and have that configured first.

Ideally use a switch. I would check if there is a low cost high performance 4 port option. 

the daisy chain - this question is really about network setup. I have not tried such a setup. PErhaps someone who has tried such a setup can chime in

as for MPI and processes - On one hand I think it could work if the network is configured correctly. (Each host would be needed to resolve to the right IP for the other.) 
On other hand I am worried that the master processes might bind to one interface and listen on that interface. If bonded interfaces on master node and different IPs on slave nodes, then not sure if it will work.

Best to test with generic MPI tests first and not with an application.