Young Duk Lee

Hi Rob!

Thankyou for your reply. 

I am simulating the SOFC module so when i am simulating at very low load (around OCV) very less heat is generated, at that time the solution will converge with energy ur of 1. when I start applying load, at that time it will start to diverge giving an error as not a number. most of the times the temperature will oscillate between the limits and then it diverges. 

i cannot apply ur factor for the species as it is essential for the result, so the only option I could think of is the temperature relaxation. 

if I apply an under reaxlation of 0.9 when I increase the load, there is no change in temperature and the solution converges. then I continue the simulation increasing the ur factor to 1 and then the temperature keeps oscillating between the limits. ( I should clarify that a have 2 reactions, ammonia dissociation (endothermic) and electrochemical reaction (exothermic) occurring simultaneously).