Devendra Badgujar
Forum Moderator

Hello Ian, 

I can see that you have Ansys Discovery Modeling (Named User) but it is not assigned to you yet. Please follow the steps mentioned below to do so:

First, go to your Ansys account Administration page. Please use email address to login.

Go to your Administration tab. Once on the Administration tab:
Click the box next to your name and click the Assign button. A menu will appear, check the box next to the subscription you want to assign, then click Assign. 
It may take a minute or two for this to finalize. 
Then, that subscription will show up in your My Subscriptions page, and you will be able to activate your Discovery software (once you have it installed)

Then, please go to Discovery Downloads - Ansys Knowledge

Click the Download Discovery Products.
On that Download page, click Disocvery ''Full package'' to start downloading the install package.
Unzip the resulting folder. In the Unzipped version of the folder, run the "setup.exe" installer.
When you get to the install menu, click "Install Ansys Products." During the install process, make sure you select the Single user subscription option. Complete the installation.
When the installation completes, go to launch Discovery. You will be prompted for your Ansys account log-in (the same as
Enter that and you should be all set.