Hi Praneeth, 

Thank you for your suggestions.

  1. I don't think it is related to the rendering of curved objects. I have tried by changing the settings on 'curved object visualization' option to both lower and highest resolutions. In my experience, I have only seen it affecting how the curved edges look, but has no impact on the design validation.
  2. Yes, the error specifically mentions that the two bodies intersect. Interestingly this error only appears when we add thickness to the wrapped sheet and does not appear when the wrapped sheet has no thickness (although the wrapped sheet without thickness still intersects the 3D body as seen from the above images). The elliptical body is a part of the simulation, as such, it can't be deleted.
  3. Yes, I agree that the results should not change with uniting or not uniting. ( And I have seen it not change with the planar designs). However, it seems to change with the curved designs, and I am not sure why. Also, I have been using 'modal' solution type, but try with 'terminal' and check as well.