Ansys Employee

Do you have a property provider which creates fields in the Details, and then sets the value of those fields for the display time or result set chosen? Your code produces this:

The purpose of the "Retrieve this result" when a time history step is chosen in a native result is to populate the Details. Here is a native von Mises result:

The purpose of "Retrieve this Result" is to populate the fields sich as Maximum, Minimum, etc... in the Details for the time set (0.5 s) above. If you have not written fields in the Property Provider for this and supplied the code to fill in these fields, then the "Retrieve this Result" is meaningless. Note that you can retrieve the individual data from the field to get data for each time.

Also, I'm not sure why you added the elemental_nodal_to_nodal_fc() operator section when you have already have the operator gauss_to_node_fc().