Victoria Kurushina

Yes, Raul, I was talking about the difference in the way you create geometry for the unresolved electrolyte model. You do not need an electrolyte layer there, this is a simplified cell model. But I think in the case you posted in the community you are using the Model 3, resolved electrolyte, where you need all the layers with their thicknesses. So, the layers you described there should all be present, and all thicknesses defined, this looks correct to me.

You mentioned in the post with your problem, that the simulation produces the hydrogen. This means, that electrolysis is working. What I do not see in the description of your problem is if you made any attempts to refine the mesh? You may try to check whether the current density and the H2 fraction change much with the mesh quality. Also, may be, the location/position of surfaces used for a display is different from the paper? Not sure, sorry.