Amrita Pati
Ansys Employee

Hi Nivedita,

I apologize for the late reply. You mentioned that the FDE size in both the cases is same, which is required for the calculation of the overlap integral. But the wavelength has to be same as well. Were the modes calculated at the same wavelength in the first FDE simulation?

To see a list of all availabe dcards, you can use the following script command:


For example, in one of my simulations it returns the following result as I have just one mode in the global deck: 

Then you can also use the following command to see what properties of the mode in the global deck are available to you:


In my case, this returns the following result:

Now you can use the following script command to access any of above properties (effective index shown below): 

 index_g1 = getdata("::global_mode1","neff");

Please let me know if you have any further questions.