Ushnish Basu
Ansys Employee

The developer said the following: "Users cannot use both  FEM failure way and SPG failure. SPG uses IDAM in *SECTION_SOLID_SPG to define the failure criteria. SPG doesn't support other failure criteria except the criteria defined in IDAM.  IDAM=0 defines the GISSMO damage value as the SPG failure.  Meanwhile, DTYPE=0 to turn off damage effect in material." I take that to mean that the failel setting in the umat will not be applicable, but I am clarifying that point. 

I will make a couple of suggestions for now:

  1. Use a Dev version of the code instead of R14, in case this is due to a bug in SPG that might have been fixed
  2. Print the relevant variables at each computational timestep from within the umat routine for some specific element, since the failure may have occured between the timesteps recorded in d3plot. Alternatively, use a curve to output d3plot at the computational timestep around the time of failure