Dora Golubiček

The wall is on the first floor, on one side it is free (next to an opening) and on the other side it has a slit (so it is free also). I will attach an photo of it.

Next, I will post the  modal shapes and frequencies I have from experiments:
1. 1st mode, 28Hz
1st mode, 28Hz
2. 2nd mode, 44Hz
2nd mode, 44 Hz
3. 3rd mode, 64 Hz
3rd mode, 64 Hz
4. 4th mode, 76 Hz
4th mode, 76 Hz
5. 5th mode, 95 Hz
5thmode, 95 Hz.

On the bottom and on the top of the wall I've put springs in y direction, springs for rotation x, and springs for rotation z. Also I have constrained translations in x and z direction in all nodes on both top and bottom. Sides are left with no constraints.

The modal shapes from Ansys are similar to ones gotten from experiment, but on the 3rd, 4th and 5th modal shape I can see some diversity.

Can you advise me which springs should I add or remove to achieve the same modal shapes as in experiment? I could send you videos of modal shapes from experiment and also the txt file of my Ansys model if that would be helpful.

Thank you in advance,

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