Hello. Thanks for your reply. Using HPC is not an option for me because I only have access to a quite limited number of cores. Moreover, this approach is very inefficient and, in my opinion, not reasonable for this kind of simulation.  

Steady state solutions are fine for the electromagnetic field (like in Eddy current simulation), but it is not appropriate for the heat transient solution, which has long settling times. For the thermal part, using a transient solver is a must. 

I am trying the following approach:

  1. Set up a parametric model using the motion of the inductor X as parameter. 
  2. For X=0, solve Eddy Current simulation and calculate heat losses.
  3. Transfer the heat loads to Transient Thermal and solve Transient Thermal between t = 0 s to t = 1 s, keeping constant the heat loads. 
  4. Modify the value of X (which updates the geometry), find new heat loads using Maxwell Eddy Current, and solve transient between t=1 s and t=2 s, taking the solution of step 3 as initial conditions. 
  5. Repeat step 4 until the end of motion. 

When I try to connect Maxwell heat loads to Transient Thermal, I get the error message “No field solution for frequency 25000 Hz”. The pictures below show my Workbench setup, the Transient Thermal model tree and the error message. I wonder if something is wrong with my approach.