ahmad robiul awal udin

I am currently trying to use ANSYS APDL to model the deflection of cantilever-shaped magnetorheological elastomers to obtain their deflection in the presence of magnetic fields of varying flux density. I would like to model the elastomers as PDMS beams embedded with magnetite particles, which are fixed at one end. I would then like to apply a magnetic field perpendicular to the beam to deflect the cantilever. I am very new to ANSYS APDL and would appreciate any help I can get. Above all, I would like to know the following:

1) Which elements should I use--Solid226?

2) Modelling the PDMS beam is easy (I think); I just create a rectangular prism and apply the necessary material properties (stiffness, density etc). But how do I embed the beam with magnetite particles? 

3) How do I apply a magnetic field perpendicular to the beam? Do I need to create a box around the beam and fill it with air and then apply a magnetic field? If so, how does one apply a magnetic field in APDL?

Once again, I'd appreciate all the help I can get. 

Thanks a lot!